What is WhatsApp Marketing?

Utilizing Whatsapp as one of the touch points or platforms in a marketing strategy, or running the entire campaign on WhatsApp using WhatsApp Business API, is known as WhatsApp marketing.

Whatsapp has recently emerged as one of the fastest channels for marketing due to the high percentage of users who use it daily for personal communication, the willingness of users to allow brands to communicate with them on the above 1-to-1 messaging platforms, and the capabilities being introduced by messaging apps like Whatsapp to facilitate business communication.

The WhatsApp Message Template, which is widely used by most brands to sell on WhatsApp, is only available with the WhatsApp Business API, which is why we have referenced WhatsApp Business API rather than the WhatsApp Business app.

The benefits of WhatsApp for marketing

More people use messaging applications than any social media network, according to recent statistics.

WhatsApp is the most widely used messaging service of all time, having 2 billion active users.

Along with being very well-liked, it facilitates more interesting one-on-one encounters with your clients in the present. Furthermore, WhatsApp marketing is a virtually unexplored industry that can give early adopters an advantage over their rivals.

WhatsApp has chosen a considerate strategy in contrast to Facebook and Google. Instead of displaying advertisements, WhatsApp enables you to advertise your advertising campaign and encourage your customers to respond through the use of message templates. By restricting access to just brands or businesses that they have already dealt with, users may increase the likelihood of engagement and conversions and ensure that these interactions are trustworthy.

Additionally, utilizing the WhatsApp Buttons made available via the WhatsApp Business API, it offers the possibility to add various calls to action to the messages.

3 fantastic examples of brands marketing through WhatsApp

Before your company may use WhatsApp to deliver messages and notifications to a user, you must have their opt-in authorization. While opting into WhatsApp is a relatively easy process that only requires the potential client to text or say "Hi" to your company,

However, since there is no incentive associated with this request, requesting consumers to text your company to receive notifications will undoubtedly have a less response rate. Encourage individuals to enter a contest and send their entries on WhatsApp for a more natural approach. Through their participation in your promotional campaign and their consent to get notifications from you, you can build an excellent list of contacts for your company. Let's now examine how various firms are using WhatsApp to carry out their marketing initiatives.

1  Flipkart

In December 2021, Flipkart introduced WhatsApp Interactive Message Template (also known as WhatsApp Buttons) as part of their Big Saving Days campaign. In addition to giving away special offers to their clients during such a campaign, they also pushed their referral programme by asking users to share it with up to 10 friends in order to receive further discounts and prizes.

This is a fantastic illustration of how to use WhatsApp as a tool to simultaneously advance referral programmes, increase sales, and promote campaigns. And now that they've had success with these marketing initiatives on WhatsApp, they are advertising all of their sales there.

2 Big-Bazaar

In April 2021, Big Bazaar, a retail chain owned by the Future Group, introduced a two-hour rapid delivery service. In two months, they had reached half of their original daily objective of 100,000 orders, touching 50,000 orders every day. Their two-hour delivery service is now being promoted using WhatsApp Business APIs Message Template, and they are also increasing the adoption of e-commerce by providing special deals for first-time customers in an effort to make it even more successful.

3 LensKart

In the most latest campaign Lenskart ran as part of their Valentine's Day promotion in February 2022, WhatsApp also played a significant role. During the promotion, Lenskart advertised their "buy 1 get 1 free" promotion, which was available from February 6 through February 16. Additionally, they provided 14% savings plus 14% cashback on particular collections of eyeglasses. Lenskart just needed to deliver one message during this campaign to increase sales and exposure.

Again, it's becoming a very popular channel for firms to run their marketing campaigns because to the low cost compared to traditional ads and high open rates (99%) compared to text messages.